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Appraisers certified by the American Quilter’s Society are qualified to evaluate quilts and quilted textiles.

Ethical Practices

Conduct of Certified Appraisers should reflect the ethics and standards of the American Quilter’s Society Appraiser Certification Program. The purpose of the appraisal and the ownership of the property should be established before beginning an appraisal. Professional tact and finesse in reacting to the client and/or the property to be appraised are paramount. Appraisers should inform clients when a property does not warrant appraisal. It is unethical to write an appraisal on an existing property without performing a physical examination of it. It is unethical to knowingly put a false value on a property. Appraisers should avoid the appearance of conflict of interest. It is unethical to take advantage of the appraisal situation to solicit. It is unethical to make use of information gained from any quilt appraisal without permission of the owner. It is incumbent upon each Certified Appraiser to maintain professional courtesy with regard to all other appraisers. It is unethical to appraise beyond one’s knowledge, abilities and experience. An AQS Certified Appraiser agrees not to compete or conflict with AQS established classes or use program content by teaching, testing, evaluating or certifying individuals. AQS Logo must appear on all AQS appraisal reports.

Appraiser Code of Ethics