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Thimble Tales
GETTER DONE!!    There comes a time when I tell myself, “Enough is enough.  I have got to finish some of these projects that are floating around in my head.”  I hate unfinished projects.  These “UFOs” haunt me until I finally get them done. I recently told myself I must finish as many of these projects as I can and I set to work.  Here are a few of the items I have finished in the past couple months. Some of them I really like and others not so much BUT it feels great to say it is done! NEXT!
 I combined buttons, beads, and miscellaneous stuff (notice the sewing machine bobbin) on an oil painted canvas to creature Mr. Rooster. The piece measures 8” X 10”. He is a nice addition to my chicken collection.  It is done!
This is one of several aprons made from men’s shirts.  I had four, large, men’s shirts sitting in my sewing room and I finally made them all into aprons.  These were made to donate to a charity fundraiser. Done!
I bought this old chair at a garage sale a couple years ago.  I finally refinished the wood and reupholstered it with a “quilt design” decorator fabric.  I love how it turned out!  It is in my dining room.  That is a vintage doily on the back.  Done!
While refinishing the wood on the chair, I put two coats of polyurethane on this vintage drying rack.  I use this rack for display purposes at quilt shows and trunk shows. The polyurethane made the rack look nicer but also got rid of the “old wood” smell.  Done!
We raise a few chickens for the fun of it and for the fresh eggs.  I noticed at a local quilt show the ladies made tote bags out of horse feed bags and I thought I could do the same with chicken feed sacks.  These are reinforced plastic sacks and are tough as nails.  I asked John to save the feed bags for me and he did.  I had a growing stack of bags and I finally washed out the bags, cut them up and made “chicken totes”.  I made two dozen of them and the stack is gone.  I told John NOT to save anymore bags for me. I am so DONE with these! These are donations to charity fundraisers.
Here is a tote bag and matching garment bag made from home decorator fabric.  I do a fair amount of travel to quilt shows and speaking engagements and I have been wanting a nice travel bag set.  Finally got it done and I have already used the set.
This is a cute Christmas panel I found at a quilt show a few years ago.  I love cardinals and anything red for that matter so had to buy it. It sat in my sewing room until I recently pulled it off the shelf.  I added a border and practiced long arm quilting on it and it is done!
This is a credit card wallet I made.  At a recent quilt show I was telling a friend about wrapping my credit card in tin foil when traveling in an attempt to protect my credit card from scanners. She laughed! Later she found some scan proof cloth at the show and gave me a fat quarter.  That cloth is the lining in this wallet.  Done!
These are 10”, hot pads I saw on facebook and thought, “cute, I want to make some of these.”  I taught the gals at church how to make them but only made one for a sample.  A few months later I finally made six more.   A few for gifts and a couple for me.  Done!
These are more items for charity fundraisers.  These are not difficult and are not time consuming but still I had the supplies setting there haunting me.  I made a dozen of the “paint brush Santa” ornaments and about thirty of the antique/vintage patchwork stockings.  Done!
This is my UFO of all UFOs.  I started this Boutis project back in 2009.  It was a class project taught by Nicole Carre’ from France.  This project was stored in a tote bag in a closet and every time I saw the bag I thought, “gotta get that project done”.  2015 rolled around and I was developing a new trunk show featuring baby and children’s quilts.  I thought, “ I wish the Boutis was done.  It would make an awesome conclusion to that trunk show.”  It did not get done.  2016 arrived and again I thought about the Boutis project.  In July I took out that tote and have been seriously working on this piece.  It is not done but I have entered it into the Mid Pinellas Quilt Show, Seminole, Florida, February, 2017, and it will be done! I share all this to encourage you to “getter done”.  It truly is a great feeling of accomplishment when a project is complete and you can once and for all put away the offending supplies.  Then you can proudly yell “NEXT!”