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Thimble Tales
HAND QUILTING AN ANTIQUE QUILT TOP:  This is a circa 1890 quilt top.  It was hand pieced and called out to be hand quilted.  Brenda checked the seams and made hand stitched repairs to the top before sandwiching the top with a wide flannel batting and a reproduction print, cotton backing.  More details in finishing an antique quilt top available in “To Finish or Not to Finish, That is the Question” trunk show/lecture.
Brenda and husband, John, tour a weaving school on the island of Tinos, Greece. These ladies do very nice work.
The red “House” quilt is called “Proverbs 31 Woman”.  The quilt is machine pieced and hand embroidered.  The “For His Glory Stitchers”, of Hillside Community Baptist Church, Brooksville, FL, (pictured above) contributed the embroidered blocks that represent the various Bible verses in Proverbs 31:10-31.  Brenda hand quilted this piece.  Note: 60 hours of hand quilting time. This quilt is the center piece for the devotional talk, “Proverbs 31 Woman”, presented by Brenda.
Auctions (pictured above)...not only profitable but FUN!
Fabric printer's blocks...I love quilt/textile history.
Some of Brenda's doll quilts. Some were purchased...some were gifts...some she made. These are a few of the quilts included in the "Doll Quilts" Trunk Show/Lecture. Enjoy the hunt for these little treasures or enjoy making your own.
From the "Memories of Suzi Challenge" by Brenda, 2007. Susan Gardner Collins, friend and quilter, passed away to soon.  Many friends made a wallhanging using fabric from Suzie’s stash. The  Challenge was showcased at a Quilter’s Luncheon & Auction, Clearwater, Florida, 2007. "Christmas Rose". Pattern from 2000 It measures approximately 29"X29". Hand appliqué and hand quilting.
RESTORATION WORK: This is a Tulip Quilt, circa 1860, purchased at an antique shop in Brooksville, Florida, in July, 2011. The white background and backing is in very good condition with some minor stains. This quilt has beautiful hand quilting using tiny stitches, in crosshatch, floral and feathered wreath designs. The appliqué fabrics are badly deteriorated and Brenda is in the process of replacing all the appliqué fabrics (leaving the old fabrics underneath). The green and red fabrics are reproduction fabrics suitable for that time period and the yellow fabric is authentic fabric from the time period. Two more blocks to go !
This is Brenda’s recreation of the “Mill Girls” quilt found in the book Mill Girls: Away From Home, by Nancy & Oliver Rink. Brenda has collected reproduction 1800’s fabrics over a period of years and this quilt presented an opportunity to use some of those fabrics.  Brenda worked on this quilt over a two year time period. The hand quilting took 140 hours to complete.  The quilt measures 102” X 102”.   Note:  The center medalion was hand needle-turn appliqued while on a trip to Greece.