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"Nearly Charming"

This apple core or friendship quilt was completed by Brenda in 2006, after about six years of collecting and stitching. You may be wondering why it took so long to make. This quilt started out as a "take along project" and was worked on only when traveling for the first five years. This quilt is well traveled. The pieces have been over a great deal of the U.S. and have even been to Greece. Twice!   Brenda collected hundreds of fabrics from her own stash, from friends and family to make the 1800 apple cores. This quilt is hand pieced with the edge apple cores hand appliquéd to the red border. It is also hand quilted. Brenda started this quilt as a fabric study of the fabrics available to the quilter in the year 2000. It includes a few fabrics from as far back as the 1940's. Most of the fabrics are from the 1990's through 2006. It is Brenda's hope that someone in the distant future will be thrilled to discover the wide array of fabrics in this quilt. There is a label on the back of the quilt to enlighten future quilt/fabric historians. The title "Nearly Charming" is a play on words because a hand full of duplicate fabrics found their way into the quilt and Brenda wasn't about to take them out when she spotted them. Those duplicate fabrics keep this quilt from being a true "charm quilt". A charm quilt contains NO duplicate fabrics. In years past, quilters would collect or trade fabrics with friends to make their quilt truly a charm quilt. This is why this type of quilt is often called a "friendship quilt".  
Thimble Tales
The apple cores in Brenda's quilt are 2 3/4" long, finished size.
"Mariner's Compass" This wall hanging is hand pieced and hand quilted. The pattern is an original design by Robby Wargny. Brenda took Robby's hand piecing class and this wall hanging is the result. For information about Robby's patterns and classes contact her at
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